Water Heater Service in Kalamazoo, MI

Emergencies surrounding a water heater or boiler can be serious. If your water heating system isn’t keeping up with the demands of your home or business, US Water Heating Solutions is available to provide emergency water heater repair in Battle Creek and Michigan. If we believe a repair is no longer in your best interests, our certified technicians can install a brand new unit instead.


Once your water heating system is up and running again, it’s wise to protect your investment with an affordable preventative maintenance plan. While considering the unplanned expenses involved with repairing or replacing a water heating system, establishing a preventative plan for boiler maintenance in Niles, MI, makes a great deal of sense. Our services will address minor problems in your water heating system before they evolve and result in a catastrophic failure.


For improved performance and lower utility bills, contact us today to schedule an appointment for water heater services in Kalamazoo and Michigan.