Preventative Maintenance

Water Heater and Boiler Maintenance

Make performance a priority in your home or business when you take advantage of our targeted water heater and boiler maintenance programs. When you establish a connection with a renowned team of water heating professionals, you get a partner that does more for you than emergency repairs. Our full suite of maintenance solutions keeps your existing water heating equipment working precisely as it was designed – all while saving you money.

US Water Heating Solutions is available to provide effective maintenance of your residential and commercial water heating equipment. Our process for water heater and boiler maintenance in Rockford, IL, includes services that address minor problems before they become the basis for a catastrophic failure. Don’t wait until a major breakdown occurs; count on us for a precise approach to preventative maintenance. Our team is ready to flush out any sediment buildup from your appliances. We provide tankless water heater descaling and preventative maintenance packages. Tankless units require a minimal annual clean, check, and flush with a manufacturer-approved descaling solution. Let us maintain your tankless product by performing a clean, check, and flush on your unit and restore your unit to like-new condition.

When you change your way of thinking on water heating equipment and maintenance, you can begin to see the value we offer our clients. You certainly wouldn’t venture out onto the open road in a car that has never had an oil change. A water heater or boiler is no different; make the call to our team of trained technicians and ask about our water heater services in Arlington Heights.

Become A Preferred Preventative Maintenance Customer

Extend the lifespan of your existing water heating equipment with our regular cleanings and inspections. As winter or summer approaches, the smart move is to schedule a water heater flush. Regular water heater usage can lead to a build-up of sediment near the bottom of your tank. When you begin to notice hot spots developing on your water heater, you may have damaging sediment building up. If you let deposits continue to accumulate, you could be facing equipment failure in the near future.

Eliminate the guesswork involved with maintaining water heating equipment by choosing a qualified team for ongoing maintenance. When you sit down with one of our friendly specialists to discuss the health of your equipment, we can establish a preventative maintenance schedule that fits the needs of your home or business.

A Simple Approach to Service

When you consider the costs involved with a significant water heating equipment failure, our maintenance service programs make a great deal of financial sense. We quickly replace any parts that have worn down over time, and we keep your water piping hot when it’s needed most.

Our preventative maintenance programs help to keep businesses that are dependent on the use of hot water performing and operating as necessary. In some cases, the loss of hot water requires a business to close the doors. Hot water in specific industries is simply not optional. By putting a maintenance plan in effect, we are able to plan for shutdowns and extend the life of our customers’ water heating equipment. Let us help to maintain the equipment that keeps your customers enjoying the goods and services that you provide. By becoming an in-network preventative maintenance customer, we will archive your equipment and keep the necessary parts in stock. This will ensure that we can restore your hot water supply as quickly as possible when you’re in need of emergency water heater repair in Fort Wayne, IN.

Contact us today for water heater maintenance that provides you with greater performance and lower energy bills. We proudly serve customers in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin.